“ We believe...
advanced technologies
be available to
. ”
We're still working on these. Check our blog for the latest updates.

I am Palaver,
pleased to meet you.

Palaver is the client that opens up IRC for the every day user. Check it out!
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Meet the team

Did you know that Cocode only contains two people?

Dennis Collaris

Hey there! I am Cocode's UI/UX designer from Brainport, The Netherlands.
I am responsible for pretty much all graphical goodness in our apps.

Kyle Fuller

I craft beautiful applications and developer tools. Mostly focussing on iPhone and iPad. Active in many open source communities.

Blog posts

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What users think

“ Best iOS IRC client - This far surpasses anything else I've use in iOS. It's easy to use, has a nice UI, and has lots of nice features. ” - Pooh Bear

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