Palaver 2.6

Changes in 2.6


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Palaver 2.5

Palaver 2.5 includes some big changes on how we store messages. Your conversations will no longer be cleared when restarting the application. When you open Palaver, all of your existing messages will be available so you don't miss a thing.

Palaver 2.5.1 Peek and Pop

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Palaver 2.4.0

We're making it even easier to upload images in Palaver. Version 2.4 brings a new image picker so you can upload recent images directly from Palaver.

Palaver 2.4.0 Image Upload

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Palaver 2.2.0

After a long wait we finally released the new 2.2 upgrade for Palaver. This update brings many enhancements including image preview to view images directly inside conversations. We've also introduced a new notification settings for channels, iPhone 6 Plus split view and added support for the /ctcp command.

Palaver 2.2.0 Image preview

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Palaver 2.1.0

I'm excited to release a new version of Palaver, 2.1.0. This update includes a brand new dark mode for Palaver. The application can detect when the screen brightness is down and automatically switch between light and dark mode.

Palaver 2.1.0 Light and Dark mode

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Palaver 1.1.4 is now out

We just released a small update to Palaver for iOS, with some handy improvements. It is now available in the App Store. This update brings a lot of bug fixes, with enhancements to the commands and support for third party servers.

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The launch of Cocode

Today I'm proud to announce the public launch of Cocode. Cocode is a company formed from the team behind Palaver, an awesome IRC client for iOS.

Our first product to branded launched under this new company is Palaver, but it doesn't stop there. We are busy working on ...

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