Palaver 1.1.4 is now out

We just released a small update to Palaver for iOS, with some handy improvements. It is now available in the App Store. This update brings a lot of bug fixes, with enhancements to the commands and support for third party servers.

Change log for Palaver 1.1.4

  • Support /topic and /kick.
  • Fixes an issue with bold and underlines.
  • Show reasons for QUIT and PARTs.
  • Implement take op and voice from user menu
  • Fix a crash with some IRC servers which don't follow the IRC spec properly (
  • Fix an issue with some string encoding used by windows IRC clients which resulted in missing messages.
  • Fix a crash with uploading images to CloudApp.
  • Support more NickServ servers.
  • Change format of kickban from /kickban [<channel>] <nick>[, <nick>, ...] to /kickban [<channel>] <nick> [<reason>].
  • Improved German and Dutch translations.
  • Allow editing a message with a photo instead of directly sending the photo.
Download from the App Store
Kyle Fuller

Managing Director