Palaver 2.4.0

We're making it even easier to upload images in Palaver. Version 2.4 brings a new image picker so you can upload recent images directly from Palaver.

Palaver 2.4.0 Image Upload

Changes in 2.4

  • Upload recent images directly from image upload instead of going into your camera roll.
  • Open links from messages inside the app instead of jumping out to Safari.
  • Palaver will no longer display channel topic when reconnecting multiple times.

Bug fixes

  • Performance improvements with channel lists via /list.
  • Fixes an issue where push notifications may not work after restoring your device from a backup.
  • Various improvements to improve the experience of using Palaver on iPads, including fixing issues you might've faced when switching to Palaver via iPad Split View.
  • Palaver will now use a monospaced font for message timestamps, this improves the alignment of messages.
  • We no longer grey out messages when they come from ZNC buffers.
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Kyle Fuller

Managing Director